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Illuminated nights captured by Roberto Bertero

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We should’ve stayed in that cave.

"That’s a woman for you. One day she’s kissing you, the next she’s filling you with arrows. That hair she had. Well, the hottest fires burn out quickest. To Ygritte, kissed by fire!

Daniel & Henrik swap jerseys for a day to train with the Vancouver Whitecaps

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Trevor’s last game and Luc’s last game as a Canuck.

Trevor’s last game and Luc’s last game as a Canuck.

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And I realized, that the reason why good things were not happening to me as often as I wanted them to, was because I, in fact, was a good thing that needed to happen. I needed to happen to me, to other people and to the world. And so I happened.
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Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.
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Happy 30th Birthday Rick Rypien!
ϟ May 16th 1984

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